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Wonderfully Me, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving girls in Chester County, PA and its surrounding areas. The empowerment program will educate and encourage young girls ages 8-14 by teaching life skills that will cultivate positive self-confidence, self-worth and self-development. Our hope is to transform them into purposeful women of courage, character and compassion.      

Wonderfully Me is a free program designed to guide young girls into embracing their uniqueness, exploring life's possibilities, making life choices and growing into womanhood.

Volunteers are always welcome!

Click the "Sign Up Here" link below to be directed to our volunteers page. Here, you will see the various opportunities and needs of our organization. You may pick what opportunity is of most interest to you. We are always looking for people to help out with areas of service such as group leaders, assistants, marketing and communications, special events, etc. 


Please consider volunteering with us. Your time and talents will be greatly appreciated!

Wonderfully Me Calendar

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December 2023 Wonderfully Me Session
WME  Group Period Product Drive.jpg

Wonderfully Me, Inc., and the United Way of Chester County
Hold a Feminine Products Drive

Did you know that 1 in 3 low-income menstruating females will miss work, school, or events due to not having period pads?  The girls of Wonderfully Me decided they wanted to do something to help to lessen the worry for these women and girls by hosting a feminine product donation drive. It was a huge success. Because of the generous donations, 62 pounds of sanitary napkins and tampons were delivered to the Chester County Food Bank. These items will now be available to women and girls who may not be able to afford them. The girls of Wonderfully Me would like to thank their families, relatives, and friends but also, the United Way of Chester County, the Greater Downingtown Business and Professional Women, the Homeless Health Initiative of CHOP and the Fund for Women and Girls for their support of this drive.

November 2023 Wonderfully Me Session
If you need to talk, here are resources to help:  
  • Call the Teen Talk Line call center in Chester County, PA, which is live from 3-7 p.m., at 855-852-TEEN (8336)
    or the text line is 484-362-9515. 

  • If you are experiencing difficult or thoughts of suicide call 988 or 911

  • Valley Creek Crisis Center, Chester County, PA  
    610-280-3270  Open 24 hours

It's Okay Not to be Okay

Growing up has many challenges. Mental health is one of them. One in five children from the ages 6-17 experience a mental health challenge that can affect their overall health. It can range from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance, and drug abuse to name a few. It is important to begin the discussion that it’s okay not to be okay. However, the girls in the program must also recognize when their mental health may affect how they function throughout the day and when to ask for help for themselves or others. 

The November empowerment session involved active activities and engaging discussions with the participants that emphasized the importance of recognizing the emotion, expressing the reason they feel the emotion. Donna Annechino, a psychologist, and volunteer with Wonderfully Me, discussed strategies to help them feel better when feeling down. Tools to help their friends if they experienced a possible mental health crisis were shared. Ms. Annechino also conducted a separate discussion with the parents. The parents asked questions on mental health issues as well as being instructed on how to recognize symptoms and when a mental health professional should intervene.  

The overall message for all in attendance was that we all struggle sometimes mentally and that it is okay not to be okay and that asking for help is a sign of strength.  

October 2023 Wonderfully Me Session

Are you a Friend or a Bully?

October is recognized as National Bullying Month. Wonderfully Me annually conducts a session on an aspect of bullying because we understand the importance of reducing bullying in our communities. Bullying can cause a girl to not attend school, interact with others, suicide, negative self- image and mental health issues.   After debating what a friend is and not, the discussion shifted to bullying. Our volunteers, Jasmine and Renee, did an awesome job educating the participants on how to recognize a bully and the ways to combat it.  Ways to report a bully, how to support victims and how to protect themselves against online bullies were all shared.  Creative anti-bullying yard signs were designed to be displayed to support the need to end bullying in our communities. 

You Got This - Tips for a Successful School Year

It was a beautiful sunny day as the new and returning girls of Wonderfully Me met to begin our first session of the program year at our new location, the United Way of Chester County.  After games to build a sense of community the girls shared their challenges and positive experiences since school had begun.   

Discussions on tips to have a successful school year were shared by our presenter, Miss. Jessica and fellow volunteers. Tips ranged from getting proper rest, reciting affirmations, to asking for help when not okay mentally.  To memorialize important items and things about themselves at the beginning of the year to be compared at the end of the school year, each decorated their own time capsules. The capsules would be stored and opened at the end of the program year.  


As an act to spread kindness to others, a small floral bouquet was given to each girl for them to present to someone to witness reactions of gratitude and thankfulness. They will report reactions from the recipients and how they felt doing so during our next session. 

Time Capsule 9162023.jpg
May 2023 Wonderfully Me Session

Community Businesses Support Wonderfully Me Tea

What a way to end our program year by hosting a Tea for our participants and a parent on Saturday, May 20th. The experience of what is served at a tea would not have been accomplished without the support from the companies below.

Campbell Snacks provided Milano cookies; The Master’s Baker of West Chester, donated delicious eclairs and cream puffs; the Giant stores in Exton and Thorndale gave gift cards for food items. Greenhalghtea donated lemon curd that was served with the delicious tea biscuits made by our volunteers and scones prepared by Sophie Fontecchio of Let's Bake the World A Better Place.

We were thankful to have Bettinita Harris, of the Colored Girl Wisdom, LLC bless us with beautiful coloring books that feature black women and girls with positive messages. Check out her coloring books and her many books at

Let's Bake the World a Better Place, is the place to order delicious desserts and support her monthly designated nonprofit organization. This month's proceeds benefited Rhy's Above, an organization that is dedicated to ending the stigma and breaking the cycle of untreated mental health crisis.

We thank each of them for your community involvement. You thank them by supporting them.

May tea businesses.jpg

The Wonderfully Me tea was a great way for parents and our special guests to see how we accomplished our yearly theme: Empowerment through Self-Awareness. Our Board President, Telecia Hartsfield.welcomed everyone to the event and the festivities began. Everyone was beautifully dressed, many donning hats, fascinators and gloves. The participants even walked the runway showcasing their DIY fascinators. A pictorial video was shown highlighting our monthly sessions.  For Ready for Tea, the girls expertly used their etiquette skills taught during our April session. They enjoyed delicious tea sandwiches made by the volunteers along with donated scones, tea biscuits, desserts, hot and cold teas. Brightin, a participant, provided entertainment through song and a few games of Bingo were played for prizes. Good food, fellowship and fun were had by all.  Some pictures of the day are below.  

April 2023 Wonderfully Me Session

Board Member presents at 100 Women Downingtown 's Spring Give 2023

We want to thank 100 Women Downingtown for the nomination to present our organization at their Spring Give 2023 on Tuesday. Wonderfully Me Incorporated, A Child's Light and The Safe Harbor of Chester County were given this opportunity to share about their organizations with a chance to win $10,000. A Child's Light was awarded these funds so they can continue their impact to provide immediate mental health support for children and adolescents, ages 2-18.

Though Wonderfully Me Incorporated was not chosen, we felt like winners because 100Women saw the value of what we are doing in our community and wanted us to share with its members. We felt honored to still be given donations in spite of not being chosen to receive the funds. A heartfelt thank you.

Thanks to Tanya Ryans, our Board member, who did an excellent job presenting and her assistants Lisa Williams, a Board member and Jr. Volunteer Tatiana.

March 2023 Wonderfully Me Session

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a way of life. Not handling it can negatively impact relationships. Naomi DeVine and Jen Gaffney, Violence Prevention educators from The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County spent the morning giving the girls of Wonderfully Me great information on conflict resolution. The interactive presentation taught them healthy ways to handle their emotions and problem-solving techniques.earning the use of I-statements for expressing how you feel, staying calm and avoiding judgment when handling conflicts were the objectives. Practicing these skills on a regular basis will make communicating easier at school, with family or when in the working environment.

February 2023 Wonderfully Me Session

Self Love

As many recognized Valentine's Day in February, the girls who attended the Wonderfully Me monthly session learned the importance of practicing self-love. Through self-reflection activities and transparent dialog, the girls and volunteers realized the value of this lifelong practice. Without it could hinder them from maintaining a healthy physical, spiritual and emotional life. 

During one of the activities several girls shared what they felt to be negative attributes they saw in themselves and/or about their bodies. Recognizing how the media, their perceived ideas of themselves and how others influence those negative thoughts, ways to embrace and love themselves for who they are was the overall conclusion. Being resilient and seeking help when it's too much to handle emotionally was also discussed. 

Many ways to practice self -love were explained. The parents were given a handout on ways to boost their daughters' view on self-love. Below are a few art pieces the girls created. The task was to express what "Love" felt like to them through color and then use of a symbol that might describe them. Many placed affirmations or positive words in it as well. They were charged to place it somewhere to be seen when they need it. 

When was the last time you truly looked in the mirror reflected on the beautifully imperfect you? We must change the negative thoughts in our heads so you can become the BEST version of yourself. Change the things you want to change, embrace those things you can't but remember the most important thing is your heart. 

Reflect on Psalm 139:14 NASB. I will give thanks to You, because I am awesomely and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works;

youre so sweet.jpg
Wonderfully Me Goes Virtual in Response to COVID-19
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Who Am I/Self-Awareness Meeting
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Please support and promote Wonderfully Me Incorporated as you  protect yourself from COVID-19. Your purchase will offset costs for our programming. 


Price: $12.00 includes shipping

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A nose bridge and adjustable ear loops are provided for idea comfort and support.  8.5"L x 5.25"H.  


Contact 484-713-8254 or for questions. We thank you for your support. 

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